monotron kit


monotron to Eurorack Conversion kit

Width 12HP
Depth 62mm (2.45″)
Maximum Input Current (+5V) Not used
Maximum Input Current (+12V) 44mA
Maximum Input Current (-12V) 20mA

Width 6HP
Depth 25.4mm (1.00″)
Maximum Input Current (+5V) Not used
Maximum Input Current (+12V) 10mA
Maximum Input Current (-12V) 10mA


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Product Description

The monotron conversion kit contains the parts needed to build a monotron-E and Ribbon from a standard monotron.  This conversion requires advanced soldering skill of surface mount components and PCB rework and is not recommended for inexperienced makers.  Conversion docs here

Q1 Conversion PCB set
Q1 monotron-E panel
Q1 Ribbon panel and Overlay
Q2 16-pin Eurorack ribbon cables
Q1 Conversion Harness

Bag 1: Headers and Trimmers
Bag 2: SMT Headers
Bag 3: Hookup Wire
Bag 4: Jack and pot mounting hardware
Bag 5: Knobs

Bag 1:
Q1 1k Trim
Q1 50k Trim
Q5 3-pin 90deg Header
Q1 4-pin 90deg Header
Q1 3-pin Header
Q1 Shorting Jumper
Q2 16-pin Shrouded Headers

Bag 2:
1 14-pin SMD Header Male
1 14-pin SMD Header Female

Bag 3:
Q1 100mm Grey 30AWG (LFO reset)
Q2 20mm Purple 30AWG (Tempco)
Q1 45mm Orange/Purple 30AWG Pair (LFO LED)
Q2 20mm Blue 22AWG Solid Core (Switch Tap)

Bag 4:
Q10 Washers for 3.5mm Jacks
Q10 Nuts for 3.5mm Jacks
Q6 Nuts for Pots
Q6 Pot Spacers

Bag 5:
Q6 Davies 1900H clone Knobs