Frame Assembly

Here are the steps for assembling a 7U frame from Vector T-Strut rails using one of our bracket kits.

Line up the rails so that the center slot faces inward and space them in the configuration you are building. In this case we are making a 1U+3U+3U configuration.

The #10-24 stainless steel flat head screws are threaded into the middle slot of the rails. Start at one end and install the screw until just snug (do not tighten).

I usually use an impact drive to install the screws but stop before they are tight.

Once one side is done, flip the rack around and insert the threaded strips or sliding nuts.

Install the rest of the #10-24 flat head screws.

The small set screws help to keep the rails from twisting. They get installed in the bottom hole of each rail until flush.

Once all the screws are installed tighten the #10-24 flat head screws by hand while checking to make sure the frame stays flat.