Halliburton Cases

In spite of its unfortunate name, Halliburton cases are fantastic enclosures for building unique electronic musical instruments. Not only are they incredibly practical with their lightweight and durable aircraft grade aluminum shells they project a retrofuturism style of a time gone by. On this page I’ll share information that I have collected about Zero Halliburton cases and methods for converting them to musical instrument enclosures. I am certainly no expert on Zero Halliburton cases and the conversion methods show here are what I have found to work through trial and error. Please feel free to contact me with corrections or to share photos or conversion techniques that have worked for you.

About Zero Halliburton Cases

Selecting a Case to Convert

96hp 7U Conversion Process

Stripped and polished 1U+3U+3U Halliburton with a long spring reverb tank
9U Halliburton Conversion
Polished 1U+3U Zero Company Case
Los Angeles era Halliburton with Duratex lining
1U+3U+1U Zero Case finished in grey hammertone powder coat