DC Coupled Driver Tile

Width: 6 HP / 1 Tile Unit
Depth: 30mm (1.18″)
Power cable: Tile Tail (3-pin)
Power +12V (Nominal): 10mA
Power +12V (With Max Load): 80mA
Power -12V(Nominal): 10mA
Power -12V(With Max Load): 80mA

1U Tile Specs



The DRV is a DC coupled driver for experimenting with external devices. It can be used for driving tiny motors, analog meter movements, little speakers, exciters, coils, LEDs, ETC.. The DRV uses a duel-concentric potentiometer where the top knob sets the attenuation of the input signal and the bottom knob sets the DC offset. The offset control is bipolar so when set counterclockwise the output is at -5V when full clockwise the output is +5V. The maximum current drive is limited to around 70mA and the max consumption on the +/-12V rails is 80mA. The actual current consumption is dependent on the load being driven but the 80mA number should be used for power supply calculations.

DRV driving small gear motors and vibe motor

DRVAC driving a HiWave HIAX11C005-32 Exciter on a Brass Plate

DRVAC driving a Coil to Excite a String