Lunchbox LBZ54


Portable 54hp case for Eurorack and Tiles

The Lunchbox Zissou cases are the latest in the lunchbox series of portable Eurorack + 1U Tile cases.  Zissou cases feature removable lids, a versatile power supply that is capable of running from 9V to 18Vdc and a tough exterior.  The LBZ54 is an compact 54hp case in a 1U+3U+1U configuration.



  • 54hp Eurorack
  • 108hp 1U Tiles (2 Rows)
  • Clearance from top rails to bus board: 6cm (2.35”)
  • Clearance above rails: 5.5cm (2.15”)
  • Case can be closed while patched
  • Shock-Mount Rack Frame
  • Includes 100 M2.5 x 6mm screws
  • Removable lid with sliding pull pins
  • Choice of M2.5 threaded strips or M2.5 sliding nuts
  • Optional stand for vertical configuration
  • Optional Reverb Tank – Accutronics AMC2BF2
  • Optional “Outputs” Tile with 1/4″ jacks on side of case


  • DC-DC converter followed by filtering and linear regulation
  • Power from a +9V to +18VDC power adapter or battery pack
  • +12V rail 1000mA
  • -12V rail 1000mA
  • +5V rail 500mA
  • 10 Shrouded 16-pin Eurorack connections
  • 15 Keyed 1U Tile connections
  • Includes 12V – 4A DC Power Adapter and US style IEC cord
  • Uses a 2.1mm x 5.5mm center positive power connector


  • 34.25cm (13.5”) Wide
  • 29.25cm (11.5″) Deep
  • 15.25cm (6″) Tall
  • 2.5kg (5.5lbs)Unloaded Weight

Mounting Hardware:

Choice of M2.5 Threaded Strips or M2.5 Sliding Nuts



-O     +     $60

Outputs Tile with headphone and stereo output jacks on side of case

-S     +    $20

Accutronics AMC2BF2 Spring Reverb tank mounted with vibration dampers


Battery Power:

The LBZ54 power supply has been designed to run from many different power sources.  Power it from the provided DC adapter in the studio or from an external battery in the field or a 12V accessory power port in your vehicle.  We have tested the LBZ54 with a few off the shelf battery solutions which are listed below:

Talentcell Rechargeable 6000mAh Li-Ion Battery:  Unregulated no-frills 12V rechargeable battery pack.  Simple and inexpensive.

YCPower MP-S2300 Solar Charger:  This seems to be a generic import that is sold under a number of name brands.  The solar panel is useless, but it looks cool.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 20000mA:  Nice compact package and reasonable play time.  The USB port is handy for powering an external sequencer.

GOAL ZERO YETI 150 SOLAR GENERATOR:  Total overkill for the Traveler.  With the solar add-on your LBZ would play until the end of time.

12V UPS Sealed AGM:  These are typically used in uninterruptible power supplies and are inexpensive and readily available.  Many DIY charging solutions or just trickle charge from a DC power supply.

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