Outputs 1U Tile Set with stereo 1/4″ outputs and a headphone amplifier

Width: 6HP + 12HP (2 Tile set)
Depth: 50mm (1.97″)
Power cable: Tile Tail (3-pin)
Power +12V: 25mA
Power -12V: 25mA

1U Tile Specs



The Output Tile set is useful for monitoring and connecting the output of your modular system to external gear. A 12HP jack Tile provides line level left and right 1/4” phone jack connections and a 1/4” stereo headphone output. The left and right outputs are buffered unbalance TS connections. The individual Tiles in the Output set are connected on the PCBs with shielded audio cable.

The “Output” Tile is normalized to mono so if nothing is patched into the RIGHT jack so you will hear the mono signal in both ears on the headphones and the same signal will appear on both 1/4” output jacks. The interconnection between the 6HP “Output” control Tile and the 12HP 1/4” jack Tile is a 24” shielded cable with latching connections.


-PH Option

The standard Output Tile set comes with a 1/4” jack Tile 12HP and an “Output” control Tile 6HP. If you prefer separate controls for the headphone and 1/4” output jacks order the -PH option. The -PH option includes an additional control Tile “Phones” 6HP. With the -PH option you will be able to listen to different material on the headphones than is routed to the stereo 1/4” outputs, however if you want the same material sent to the headphones and the stereo outputs you will need to feed both controls with the same input signal.