Passive Bus Block


Eurorack and Tile power distribution board



The Passive Bus Block plugs into your existing powered bus board with an included 16-pin Eurorack ribbon cable, and distributes it to 7x 16-pin Eurorack headers, and a total of 10x 1U Tile power connectors. It is mounted with stand-offs to a plastic card which can be screwed directly into your case.



  • Power distribution for up to 7 Eurorack modules
  • Power distribution for up to 10 Tile modules
  • 1x Eurorack 16-pin ribbon cable included
  • Mounted with standoffs on plastic card
  • Amber LED indicators for +12V, -12V, and +5V rails
  • Two sets of 47uF decoupling capacitors (two each on +/-12V rails)