USB Power Breakout


USB Power Breakout

Width: 6 HP / 1 Tile Unit
Depth: 40mm (1.57″)
Power cable: 16 pin Eurorack
Power +12V: 0mA (not used)
Power -12V: 0mA (not used)
Power 5V: Up to 500mA (5 x 20mm fuse)
Max load: 500mA (total between 2 ports)

1U Tile Specs



The USB Power Breakout Tile provides a connection to tap the 5 volt rail on the Eurorack busboard for powering USB accessories. This Tile can be useful for powering accessories like MIDI controllers, sequencers, LED lamps and other mobile devices. It does NOT have any host features, it only provides power. This Tile uses a traditional 16 pin Eurorack cable and connects directly to the busboard instead of to a traditional tile tail connector. Power is directly drawn from the 5V on the busboard and the current is primarily limited by what is available on the busboard. The USB tile is fitted with a 500mA fuse (5 x 20mm) to protect against short circuits or excessive loading.