Unity Summer


Unity Summer – patch programmable unity gain mixer

Width 6HP
Depth 45mm (1.75″)
Maximum Input Current (+5V) Not used
Maximum Input Current (+12V) 20mA
Maximum Input Current (-12V) 20mA
Input Impedance  100kΩ
Output Impedance 560Ω

*The Unity Summer is a tight fit, but we haven’t found a case that the Unity Summer is too tall for

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Product Description


  • DC-coupled mixer with dense functionality
  • Two identical circuits (top and bottom), each with a 3-input and 2-input mixer
  • The 3-input mixer has only an in-phase (non-inverted) output
  • The 3-input mixer’s output is normalled in to the 2-input mixer (if the 3-input mixer’s out is used, the normal disabled)
  • The 2-input mixer has both in-phase and inverted outputs
  • If the 3-input mixer’s output is not used, the circuit becomes a 5-input mixer with in-phase and inverted outputs
  • Switches on the rear of the module can pad each mixer by 6dB, allowing more headroom in the +/-12V system